New Fad: Velvet

On June 21st, I read an article about a guy from the UK who hired Raccoon Vehicle Branding to put black velvet on his Porsche Panamera. The coat does have an adhesive that protects it from all sorts of weather but still, this is just ridiculous. It was the only one of its kind in the UK but it wouldn’t be long for someone else to join in on the fun.

July 1, London. Raccoon Vehicle Branding was right, another velvet car would pop up in the area. Except this time, it is a Ferrari 599. This Furr-ari was an attention grabber and everyone wanted to pet it. However, it just screams ugly. 

July 30th, France. A royal blue velvet coated Range Rover Evoque. At this point, I was thinking to myself that people are now building drive-able plush cars. That is honestly what they look like. Well, I have had enough. This fad needs to end soon.

If you hated chrome coats on exotic cars, you better loath the velvet. Why someone would do such a thing? Attention? The feel? We may never know. What I do know is that I am sure there are more deserving people in the world who would treat their beauties with the proper coat it deserves, and it sure as hell isn’t velvet.ImageImageImage


Dodged a Bullet

A recent rumor suggested that Fiat’s merger with Chrysler will bring a really dramatic change, the loss of the Dodge brand. What spawned this rumor? Well, the fact that Fiat almost controls all of Chrysler’s main operations and a recent report stating Dodge is producing a low amount of adequate models. While many beg to differ, it mostly comes from the designs of mini vans like the Town & Country. Also, a lot of the models have questionable futures. The idea was that Dodge would die out by 2016.


No fear! For SRT chief Ralph Gilles has stated, “Dodge is here to stay! It may get more focused going forward but not killed!” Which seems to be good news for Dodge enthusiasts. However, Grand Caravan and Durango fans might find those models to disappear in the coming years based on improvements in other departments.


Art Deco Riviera

During Art Deco Week in Miami, I spied a Buick Riviera by the beach. This was accompanied by many other classic cars but this one stood out from the rest.

I will be attending several events in the coming months. Two of these are the Collier Collection (sadly, I will not be able to take photos) and the Festival of Speed in April. I will be posting much more soon!



I also got to see a car I completely fell in love with: The 1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal. It is a gorgeous example of classic Italian muscle.

Website for Hellenic Motor Museum:


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